57 - 23.81 oz - Green Phantom Quartz Cluster

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(This listing is for #57 - 23.81 oz)

Green Phantom Quartz is the rarest of all phantom quartz crystals, and also the most powerful.

Our Green Phantom Quartz clusters are gorgeous, filled with rainbows, foils, and chlorite phantoms.

They emit warm and vibrant energy that you can feel all around you. The feeling is incredibly hard to explain, but it is very positive and comforting.

It is a powerful crystal for healing, reconnecting with nature, and energy cleansing.

The Green Phantom Quartz crystal facilitates the release of self-limiting thoughts and energy blockages that may be holding you back from achieving your fullest potential.

The pictures you see for the different weight variants are pictures of the exact Green Phantom Quartz Cluster you will be receiving!


Height: 3.92 in

Width: 3.85 in

Depth: 3.28 in

WARNING: Handling these magnificent clusters could lead to serious injury! When handling this crystal, we ask you, please wear a glove, so you aren't injured by the razor-sharp points.