Elephant - Carved Labradorite Animal

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These beautifully polished Elephants are carved from high-quality Labradorite and full of character. (All elephants in stock look extremely similar so this listing is for one random elephant from the photos included.)

Labradorite is a stone of magic and curiosity. It’s a protective stone so it will keep your energy body grounded while allowing you to explore the expanded states of the universe. By connecting to and healing all chakras, it boosts mental and spiritual power. Labradorite opens you up, forcing you to become self-aware enough to see what you want your true intentions to be.

Elephants have a positive symbolic meaning all over the world, and they are considered to be a symbol of good luck, power, success, wisdom, and experience. Because elephants are highly social animals, they are also regarded as a symbol of loyalty, companionship, and unity. Many people now believe that if the elephant trunk is up, then the elephant will shower blessings and good fortune, and that is the main reason we normally place statues of elephants at our doorstep or various elephant decorations, such as elephant tapestry, around the house.

Height: 2.4in
Width: 1in
Depth: 3in