Realgar, Pyrite, Orpiment, on Quartz cluster

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****Please note Realgar is toxic if ingested, wash hands after handling (as you should after handling all minerals)

You will receive the exact beautiful Realgar, Orpiment, Pyrite, and Quartz Cluster pictured.

LARGE SIZE- (7" x 6.5" x 6.5")

Realgar - Realgar is a deeply cleansing crystal that can reach far into your subconscious and illuminate your hidden thoughts, and even your past lives. Realgar opens and aligns the solar plexus chakra as well as stimulates your intellect.

Orpiment - This mineral resonates specifically with one’s personal will. Your “will” will become activated and aligned with your emotional body. This will help you become more in touch with your personal desires.

Pyrite - Often referred to as “Fool’s Gold” for its resemblance to real gold, Pyrite may not have the monetary value of its doppelgänger, but it is a metaphysical treasure. In addition to attracting wealth, abundance, and good luck, it’s believed to hold strong protective energy.

Quartz - The smooth vibrations from Clear Quartz is great for meditation of the crown or third eye chakra. This "Stone of Power" also called the "Master Healer" is one of the most powerful amongst healing stones and will amplify energy and thought, as well as the effect of other crystals. Its ability to be programmed for manifestation makes it incredibly unique. With the assistance of quartz, balance and a clear mind can be obtained to create harmony between all chakras.