6 - Raw Agate Geode Moon, Carved Crescent Moon, Polished Crystal Moon

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[This listing is for Raw Agate Geode Moon #6. You will receive the exact unit shown.]

These beautifully carved and polished agate moons all include a visible geode cluster that really make them stand out, especially when the light hits them. Perfect size for meditation whether you are at home or traveling and always a great decoration when not in use.

Agate resonates less intense vibrations than some of the others in the quartz family. Known as "The Stabilizer" this stone facilitates balance and stability between positive and negative energy. There are several different colors of agate with their own impressive properties. Using a combination of different colored agate is powerful for grounding your energy.

Height: 2.25in

Width: 2in

Depth: 0.5in