7 - (66.35 oz| 1852 g) - High Quality Smoky Quartz Crystal Cluster

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This listing is for one High-Quality Smoky Quartz Cluster. You will receive the exact cluster that is pictured (#7 - 66.35 oz | 1852 g).

Smoky Quartz isn’t the kind of energy that’s going to let you sit in a dark, stuffy room and pout. This crystal wills you to get up, draw the curtain to positive light, and open the windows to let the air of negativity out. If something no longer serves you, smoky quartz gives you the clarity to let it go. Working with Smoky Quartz helps you to overcome negative emotions such as stress, fear, anger, jealousy. Elevate your mood with this stone that helps to keep both feet on the ground, and remain balanced in any situation.

• Chakras - Solar Plexus, Root
• Astrological Sign - Capricorn, Sagittarius, Scorpio

.: Weight: 66.35 oz | 1852 g
.: Height: 5.2 inches
.: Width: 4.76 inches
.: Depth: 4.2 inches