Mystery Box (Crystal Subscription Box)

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Each box includes 5 gemstones randomly selected from our inventory. With each Mystery Box, you have a chance to get an additional gemstone worth up to $1000.

Such gemstones may include:
.: Druzy Geodes
.: Crystal Clusters
.: High-Quality Hand Polished Cabochons
.: Unique Shaped Animals, Skulls, etc.
.: Rare High Dollar Opals (Ex. Fire Opal, Black Opal)

*All boxes come with 5 stones and description cards. Only boxes selected at random will contain an additional gemstone. Those are the winning boxes. Let's have some crystal fun!


*Due to random selection, we cannot guarantee that you will not receive duplicates. Duplicates may occur*

Choose a bundle of 2 boxes which will lower the price per box, while increasing your chance to get something really amazing!