The Chakra Healing Bracelet

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Our Chakra Healing Bracelets were designed to help the wearer balance, align and cleanse their seven chakras.

These bracelets contain chakra cleansing stones associated with each of your chakras, and they are adjustable so the bracelet will fit most wrists with ease.

When you want to align your chakras or stabilize your overall energy, wear this Chakra Healing bracelet.

chakra healing bracelet

This bracelet quickly clears, balances and energizes your main energy centers one by one, leaving you feeling balanced and aligned. 

If you've been feeling "off" lately or not like yourself, it is possible one or more of your chakras need cleansing.

Our chakra healing bracelet is a highly recommended way to dispel all chakra blockages and get you feeling like yourself again. 

Size: 7 inches in length but is made with an adjustable material so the bracelet will fit nearly all wrist sizes

Weight: 14 grams

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