Tree Agate Diffuser Bracelet

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The bracelet contains two stones that are vital to our wellbeing: Tree Agate and Lava Stone.

Tree Agate is a stone rich in inner peace, the abundance that this crystal attracts will bring new opportunities your way. Those looking for stability and nurturing protection will find solace in the gentle, but sturdy security of tree agate.

Lava Stone is a grounding stone that strengthens the connection to Mother Earth. A calming stone, it is instrumental in dissipating anger. It promotes positive changes where needed in behavioral issues.

Our Tree Agate Diffuser Bracelet is timeless and is the perfect way to get the benefit of lava stone and your favorite essential oils on the go. You’ll realize quickly, applying your oils is a simple task. You pour a drop or two of your chosen oil onto the lava stone, turn the stone in a circular motion, and the oils will soak into the stone.

For most oils all it takes is one or two drops. So it doesn’t hurt to apply once per day to hold a consistently powerful scent.

Additionally, you can combine oils by applying various oils to a single stone.


Bracelet size: 7 inches

Weight: 23g

*The bracelet is expandable and will accommodate larger wrists

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